District of Columbia’s Best New Advertising Startups Revolutionizing the US Market

January 3, 2024

Over the years, District of Columbia has established itself as a progressive hub for startups, especially in the advertising sector. The region has drawn the attention of advertisers nationwide due to its growing industries and attractive business environment. Startups launched in 2020 and beyond, have significantly contributed to promoting new ideas, fostering creativity, and driving business for local, regional, and international clients. This article highlights some of these noteworthy startups making an impact in the advertising industry.

True Independent Holdings

True Independent Holdings is a leading privately-held marketing enterprise based in Columbia, Missouri. This fiercely independent marketing company focuses on investing and developing other entrepreneurial marketing and communication companies with unique go-to-market strategies. Check out their LinkedIn for more info.

Movement Talent

Based in Washington District of Columbia, Movement Talent is an innovative startup in the advertising sector that also covers marketing, human resources, and internet services. Follow their progress on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

BFD Strategies

Founded by Kurt Bagley, BFD Strategies is a fast-growing startup providing services in advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and social media management. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Another Washington-based startup in advertising, Hyperjump, also offers consulting and social media marketing services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Swing State

Swing State, also located in Washington, is involved in several sectors, including advertising, digital media, and public relations. Keep up to date with their journey on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Prano Gaqui, Eypsus is a Washington D.C.-based marketing consultancy firm offering services in advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, and more. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Bootstrap Local

Bootstrap Local, based in Columbia, Pennsylvania, provides marketing training, tools, and coaching to local service businesses. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn


Twity, a Washington-based advertising startup, ventures into blockchain, cryptocurrency, and trading platforms. They’re committed to solving the marketing issues affecting web3 operations, and develop marketing techniques for web3 brands.

Cause Fokus

Cause Fokus is a social media agency located in the Greater Washington, DC area helping purpose-driven brands and thought leaders turn their passive audiences into loyal advocates. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Public Golf Studio

The Washington-based startup, Public Golf Studio, is renowned for their work in advertising, brand marketing, graphic design, and web design. They offer a myriad of services including logo design, comprehensive advertising campaigns, apparel, and social media. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn.

The explosive growth of startups in Columbia has played a crucial role in driving the progress of the advertising industry, contributing to shaping its future. With far-reaching, innovative strategies, these startups continue to redefine the rules of marketing and advertising and are sure to dominate the scene in the years to come.

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