Exploring Austin’s Innovative Financial Services Startups: A US-Based Spotlight

January 25, 2024

The financial industry is rapidly evolving, largely due to advancements in technology that have given rise to a new wave of startups. Particularly in Austin, Texas, a vibrant, developing tech hub, startups are establishing innovative ways to navigate fiscal operations. From FinTech to e-commerce financing platforms, the following features ten Austin-born financial services companies, all of which commenced operations in 2020 or later.

These entities employ cutting-edge technology to solve unique financial challenges. By leveraging advanced software and emerging FinTech methodologies, they equip businesses and consumers alike with progressive tools and services for managing finance. From funding startups to helping entrepreneurs grow their companies, these startups are indeed shaping the future of finance.

Let’s take a closer look at these pioneering financial service companies establishing their roots in Austin:


Established by Nathan Latka, Founderpath assists founders in securing capital without equity trading. The company provides a unique approach to funding by offering loans based on a credit score derived from founders’ financial and customer data.

Onramp Funds

Entrepreneur Eric Youngstrom founded Onramp Funds, a finance platform designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Through its innovative financial solutions, Onramp Funds fill working capital gaps, freeing existing funds for entrepreneurial growth. It was established in 2020 and is based in Austin, Texas.


Fabi Hubschmid, Hany Fam, and Sandy Watkins founded Markaaz to assist small businesses in verifying and improving their critical business data. By creating a networking community where businesses can showcase growth, Markaaz offers unique business opportunities, faster onboarding, and real-time monitoring for SMBs.


Founded by Andrew Ryan in 2020, Astralabs is a startup accelerator that organizes, acquires, and grows startups, contributing to a diverse startup portfolio. The company’s services range from business development to consulting, providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to achieve their startup success.

Upside Financing

Upside Financing, founded by Justin Tormey and Nicholas Mares, addresses a significant issue across the CPG industry: mismatched payment terms. Their services play a crucial role in managing financial aspects in the ecommerce landscape.


Tomo was established by Carey Armstrong and Greg Schwartz in 2020. Tomo is a fintech startup working on making the homebuying experience more accessible. It initially operates as a digital mortgage and transaction company.

Swivel Finance

Swivel Finance was established by Julian Traversa. It’s a decentralized protocol designed for fixed-rate lending and tokenized cash-flows, critical for financiers dealing with cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens.


Equabli merges the intricate and fragmented debt recovery process into a centralized service. By integrating directly into existing businesses, it provides comprehensive lifecycle management of delinquencies and defaults.


Vest is a mobile-based brokerage that aims to provide Latin American savers access to differentiated American assets. It offers saving opportunities beyond the mere cash and zero-interest savings accounts traditionally used.


Tend is a prominent player in the Information Technology sector. It brings innovative solutions that combine finance and mobile applications to create effortless financial operations for its users.

Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero, founded by Cathryn Peirce, speaks to the fusion of finance and sustainability. It’s a name to watch within Fintech, offering revolutionary services linked with carbon footprints and sustainable practices.

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