Exploring Tampa’s Rising Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing the US Market

January 29, 2024

The city of Tampa is fast becoming one of the top startup hubs in Florida, particularly in the Real Estate industry. Despite the challenges faced in 2020 and onwards, several entrepreneurial initiatives have sprouted, focusing on transforming and innovating the real estate and property management arena. Here is a rundown of recent Real Estate startups, founded in 2020 or after, and based in Tampa, Florida.

These companies, despite their relative novelty, have made significant strides in their respective fields. They have leveraged pioneering concepts and technology to enhance their operations as well as provided significant value to their clients and investors. For anyone interested in the dynamic and rapidly evolving Real Estate landscape in Tampa, these startups offer a snapshot of the industry’s present and future.

Whether they’re advisors, investors, or innovators, these startups are all playing pivotal roles in shaping Tampa’s Real Estate industry. Ranging from property development to commercial real estate, they’ve leveraged their unique value propositions to stand out in a highly competitive market. Let’s take a deeper look into these startups and the work they do.

bettr homes

With a firm footing in property development, property management, and Real Estate, bettr homes strives to deliver homes that are net-zero energy, all-electric, and designed for supreme comfort. They use advanced building science practices and innovative products like structural insulated panels (SIPs) to create top-quality, energy-efficient homes. Facebook, LinkedIn

Liquid Property Group

A vital player in property management, real estate, and real estate investment, Liquid Property Group is another innovative startup that has made valuable contributions to the Tampa real estate industry. LinkedIn

ReVital Development Group

Specializing in property development, real estate, and rental property, ReVital Development Group has broken new ground with its exciting projects in Tampa. Facebook, LinkedIn

Theron Properties

Providing financial services, real estate, and real estate investment services, Theron Properties has garnered a reputable presence in the real estate industry. LinkedIn

SP Global Ventures

Another startup making an impact is SP Global Ventures. They specialize in financial services, leasing, and real estate, offering a blend of services. LinkedIn

Mercer Real Estate

Mercer Real Estate operates in commercial real estate, real estate, rental property, and residential sectors. They have set themselves apart with their exceptional services. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

DataComp Appraisal Suite

An important player in the commercial real estate, data center automation, and information technology sectors, DataComp Appraisal Suite is worth keeping an eye on in the Tampa real estate landscape.

Prosper Group

Founded by Jay Roberts, Prosper Group is a real estate investment and development firm. They work on acquiring and building assets across specific data-driven themes, aiming to create long-term prosperity. LinkedIn

Cornerstone Strategic Partners

Offering community improvement and development services, Cornerstone Strategic Partners provides a range of real estate services. LinkedIn


Founded by Pawel Wozniak and Siddu Kadi, 3Blocks bridges real estate, the metaverse, and Defi with their proprietary software products. They curate tokenized real estate markets and provide data and Defi services. LinkedIn, Twitter

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