Looking For Healthcare Professionals? Here’s Why You Should Partner With A Recruiting Company

May 26, 2023
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It’s no secret that good healthcare professionals are hard to find. With sky-high vacancies across the medical industry, many of the best doctors, nurses, and technicians, and support staff are already employed and not looking to change jobs. Combine this with the increasing need for medical staff as the US population ages, and you see a perfect storm for hospital systems and private practices who need to fill a position.

There are shortages expected in every medical specialty, with the worst predicted for primary care; this means that every employer is fighting for the cream of the crop amongst available physicians, and it’s essential that you do your best to stand out to new recruits and experienced professionals alike. It’s not enough to simply post a position on LinkedIn and call it a day: you need to work with specialist job boards who have their finger on the pulse of the industry. Here are the top reasons why you should work with a healthcare professional recruiting company who can bring you the best applicants available for your hospital system or private practice.

There will be less irrelevant applications to sift through

When you post on a general job board, you’re always going to get a few applications that are entirely out of left field: the person may have no experience in the position, or they may believe that they can get on the job training that will make up for any lack of education. While this might be acceptable for industries outside of healthcare, you need skilled, credentialed professionals for your position: they will have the lives of others in their hands, and there’s no time to teach a new hire everything about medicine.

By posting on industry-specific job boards, you can be assured that nearly all of your applicants will actually have experience in medicine, meaning that your Human Resources department will not be wasting hours clicking through applications with none of the qualifications necessary for the role.

Recruitment sites have industry-specific filters for relevant criteria

When posting to a general job board for a healthcare position, you’re quite limited in what you can search for through all the applications, as their tools were made to work for numerous industries. However, when you work with a healthcare recruitment site, they have designed their filters to meet the needs of hospital systems and medical practices, so you can be assured that you will actually be able to find the candidates that best match your needs. You can search by education, certifications, experience, and specialties, which is much trickier to do on a general job board like Indeed or LinkedIn. For example, if you want someone who has experience in the hottest healthcare technology, you’ll have a greater range of keywords to search for this than might be available elsewhere.

These companies have strong connections within the industry, and they work to market your position

In the medical industry, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Many companies have found excellent nurses and doctors through word of mouth, seeking them out because one of their top performers happened to know this new hire – and working with a recruiting company makes it even easier to lean on your network to find great applicants.

Healthcare recruiting companies have an incredible wealth of connections within the industry, meaning that they can help market your position only to those who will have the qualifications necessary to succeed. They’ll utilize targeted advertising and email alerts to get you in touch with interested medical professionals who meet your needs, which increases the chances that you will successfully fill your position without having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant applications.

Because these recruiting companies work closely with educational institutions, professional organizations, and others related to the medical industry, they can find those who may not have yet signed up for their job board but who are still open to opportunities; these are applicants that you never would have found otherwise, and they might be perfectly suited for your role. You’ll be able to lean on this agency’s expertise in finding talented individuals, which drastically lessens your own workload.

The healthcare job market is tight, and you need every advantage you can get

It’s essential that you keep your hospital or private practice appropriately staffed for the safety of both your employees and patients, but this can be quite a tall order when looking at the huge worker shortages within healthcare. To fill those positions, you need to rely on those with expertise in recruiting talented professionals who exactly suit your needs: this gives you a competitive edge and lessens the work for your hiring managers. If you have vacancies in your healthcare organization, reach out to a recruitment company today; soon enough you’ll have that unicorn candidate who will become a valued member of your team for years to come.

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