Revolutionizing Training: Spotlight on New York’s Emerging US-Based Startups

January 26, 2024

As we step into a new decade, there’s no denying the boom in the startup scene within the United States. Particularly within the training industry, where new and innovative companies are disrupting the status quo and delivering new methods, tools and ideas to enhance the way people learn and develop. The following startups, all headquartered in New York, New York and conceived in 2020 or later, embody this trend and are paving the way for future growth and innovation in the training industry.

These startups are reimagining how we learn, helping people to acquire new skills, navigate their careers, and achieve their personal and professional goals. From high-tech platforms to personalized coaching, these startups offer a range of solutions in various sectors, including consulting, recruiting, fitness, health care, and more.

Below, we take a closer look at ten startups based in New York that are making waves in the training industry.

Jobs for Humanity

Founded in 2020, Jobs for Humanity operates in the consulting, recruiting, staffing and training industries. The company utilizes modern tools and platforms to help individuals navigate the job market, secure meaningful employment, and leverage their skills to drive social impact. You can connect with Jobs for Humanity via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


SkillRank aims to digitize and streamline the recruitment process with its specialized assessment tools and rating system. Operating within the corporate training, human resources, and staffing industries, the company’s platform offers an automated, objective way of quantifying candidates’ skillsets, thereby maximizing efficiency and accuracy in the hiring process. Connect with SkillRank on LinkedIn.


GoalMogul services the information technology, professional networking, and training sectors. Stay up to date with the company’s latest developments via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lean On

Lean On provides fitness-focused web and mobile apps, offering routines, plans, consultations, and more to help users achieve their fitness goals. Connect with Lean On via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Anna Kaiser Studios

Headquartered in New York and launched in 2020, Anna Kaiser Studios, a boutique fitness studio, offers unique training methods in virtual formats. Anna Kaiser Studios can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Emotionally Speaking

Emotionally Speaking focuses on promoting mental health and wellness through their training services. Connect with the company through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Tarikh Korula, Superculture is a boutique leadership development firm that offers personalized executive coaching, peer group interaction, and workshops for startup founders. Superculture’s unique jersey-centered approach provides immense help to startup operators to address their leadership challenges.

Purpose Talent

Founded by Andrew Blancato, Purpose Talent delivers strategic advice, consulting, and training services. Stay updated via LinkedIn.

Integral Recruiting Design

Integral Recruiting Design operates in the consulting, recruiting, and training sectors. Connect with the company via Twitter and LinkedIn.


Viswise, a training startup in the consulting, E-Learning, finance sector, can be found on LinkedIn.

Missional Labs

Founded by Tyler Prieb, Missional Labs operates within the advice, innovation management, and training sectors. Stay connected with Missional Labs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Each of these startups is contributing uniquely and innovatively to the training industry, demonstrating the dynamic and evolving landscape of this sector. As they continue to grow and make their mark, we can expect to see exciting developments and advancements in the field of training and development. Stay tuned for more on these startups and others emerging in the New York cityscape.

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