Rising IT Startups Elevating New York’s Tech Industry Landscape In US

January 25, 2024

With the world changing at an increasingly rapid pace, new and innovative startups are sprouting up across the globe. The Information Technology industry, in particular, is experiencing a surge of growth. This boom is being led by startups eager to chart new frontiers and redefine existing norms. In this article, we will focus on startups within the United States, specifically those in New York, that were established in 2020 and later.

The city of New York, often described as the city that never sleeps, has a vibrant and dynamic startup scene. These companies are consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. From the use of Artificial Intelligence in accounting to coding terminal development, the startup scene in New York is as diverse as it is transformative.

The following startups are playing crucial roles in shaping not just the Tech Industry in New York but around the globe. Let’s delve into these companies and explore their success stories, platforms, and the role they are playing in the tech universe.


Founded by Gabriella Tegen and Roger Beaman, smartrr is a startup in the Information Technology industry based in New York. The team is best connected through their LinkedIn profile and they communicate with their followers via their Twitter handle @smartrr_app.


Macro is a New York based startup operating in the Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industries. For more insights into Macro’s operations visit their LinkedIn page.

Spotnana Technology

Spotnana Technology, founded by Sarosh Waghmar and Shikhar Agarwal, is a startup operating in the fields of Business Travel, Cloud Data Services, Information Technology, and SaaS. They are modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry in order to bring freedom, simplicity, and trust to travelers everywhere. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn and @spotnana on Twitter.


This startup was founded by Kobi Masri, Raphael Ouzan, and Ruben Aknin. A.Team helps companies adapt agilely and build tech in areas outside of their core competencies. Get updated about A.Team from their LinkedIn page and via their Twitter handle @ateamsinc.


Chapter, created by Cobi Blumenfeld-Gantz, Corey Metzman, and Vivek Ramaswamy, provides consultation on the appropriate medical services to get. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and information.


Zach Lloyd is the founder of Warp, a developer of a Rust-based coding terminal designed to make teams productive at coding and application development. Always stay connected to Warp via their LinkedIn page or Twitter handle @warpdotdev.


Mundi, founded by Juan Carlos Christensen, Martin Pustilnick, Paulina Aguilar Vela, and Sebastian Kontarovsky, provides financial, trade development, strategy, freight and reinventing international trade services. You can reach out to them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Amir Boldo and Isaac Heller are the founders of Trullion, a platform that harnesses AI to automate workflows for accounting and audit teams. Stay up to speed with Trullion on Facebook, @Trullion on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


EngFlow, created by Helen Altshuler and Ulf Adams, is a build acceleration startup that builds source code and runs tests on their local machines. Get the latest news and updates from EngFlow on their @engflowcom Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Nafis Azad and Sneh Parmar, Lucky enables retailers and omnichannel brands to work together. You can always connect with Lucky on Facebook, Twitter @luckylabshq, and on their LinkedIn page.


Porter, a startup founded by Alexander Belanger, Justin Rhee, and Trevor Shim, focuses on developing remote dev environments. For more about Porter, check their LinkedIn page.

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