Thriving Las Vegas IT Startups: Celebrating American Ingenuity and Innovation

January 27, 2024


Bringing to spotlight, a collection of startups based in Las Vegas, Nevada. These startups span a diverse range of industries within the realm of Information Technology— from audio and blogging platforms to cryptocurrency, digital marketing to mobile apps and beyond. These companies, founded in 2020 or later, are young yet burgeoning with innovation and potential to transform the industry landscape. Here, we dig deep into each of these startups, exploring their purpose, specialties, and forte.

Las Vegas, known universally as a city of entertainment and neon lights, is steadily transforming into an economic hub for promising startups. With a conducive environment supportive of growth and development, this city is home to some incredible new ventures in the tech industry. To bring these 2020-born startups into the spotlight, we have compiled a list of startups headquarter in Las Vegas, that exemplify innovation.

For a city that never sleeps, ‘innovation’ is the word of the day, every day. As the technology scene continues to thrive in Nevada, we recognize the brilliant minds and groundbreaking businesses that are setting new industry standards. Let’s take a closer look at these future powerhouses.


Established by Joshua F. Finer, Odysee is a unique video sharing platform that mixes entertainment with technology. This startup thrives in the fields of audio, blogging platforms, cryptocurrency, information technology, video, and video on demand. Encouraging creators with a platform to share their content, Odysee is driven by the spirit of fun and creativity. Find them on @odyseeteam and LinkedIn. discovers its niche in the industry of information technology, the internet, mobile apps, and music. Through its innovative platforms and business model, it’s reinventing the way we use the internet. Stay updated with their journey on @getsoloto, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A2Z Digital Marketing

With a strong focus on unparalleled SEO services, data-driven strategies, unique content optimization, and advanced technical expertise, A2Z Digital Marketing positions itself as a prominent marketing firm in the realm of information technology. Find them on @a2zoffer and LinkedIn.


PxCube offers technology solutions for human resources, information services, information technology with particular focus on KPI development including product management, sales and social media. Check out their LinkedIn page for more details.


Targeting the dynamic world of recruitment, KnowMe operates in information technology and the internet industry. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.


EdgelessGo is carving out its unique space in the world of information technology, mobile apps, and software. Their platform offers diverse functionalities and solutions. Follow their journey on @EdgelessGo, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Among the promising Las Vegas startups in the realm of consumer software, information technology, software, and video chat is Yep, founded by Bryan Lord.

Quantum Applications

Cofounded by Harry Dent and Preston McCue, Quantum Applications is an e-commerce and SaaS specialist providing businesses with a custom checkout and post-checkout experience for their customers. You can get to know them better on @quantumcheckout, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Gryphon Digital Mining

Gryphon Digital Mining, founded by Dan Tolhurst, taps into bitcoin mining while maintaining a zero carbon footprint. Follow their journey on @GryphonMining, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ken Llamas, 100xCoin is a startup operating in the frontiers of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Follow their developments on @100XCoin_, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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