Unveiling the Future: Exploring 3D Technology Innovators in NYC

Discovering 15 Dynamic Startups Pioneering the 3D Revolution in New York City

Prepare to be immersed in a world where pixels transcend into the third dimension, blurring the lines between reality and the digital realm. In this feature, we delve into the dynamic landscape of 3D technology startups in New York City, showcasing 15 companies that are reshaping industries and sparking innovation.

OncyberCrafting Metaverse Masterpieces with NFTs


Oncyber enables artists and collectors to create and sell 3D virtual showrooms within the metaverse, embracing the NFT trend and transforming art into immersive experiences.

SpatialCustomizable Virtual Spaces for NFT Creators


Spatial empowers NFT creators to curate virtual spaces for exhibitions, conferences, and brand experiences, merging the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

Allure SystemsAI-Powered Apparel Imagery for eCommerce


Allure Systems leverages AI to generate stunning apparel images for eCommerce platforms, enhancing the visual experience for online shoppers.

RADiCALDemocratizing 3D Motion Tracking with AI


RADiCAL introduces AI-powered 3D motion tracking accessible to everyone, revolutionizing motion capture technology for various applications.

Envelope CityVisualizing Urban Development Potential

Envelope City’s 3D web app aids urban real estate professionals in envisioning development potential and scenarios under zoning regulations.

echo3DStreaming Real-Time 3D Content to Apps and Games


echo3D streamlines 3D asset management for developers, allowing them to manage and stream real-time 3D, AR, and VR content seamlessly.

AlterElevating 3D Avatars and Motion Capture for Web3

Alter pioneers an open-source platform featuring a 3D avatar system and motion capture technology, driving innovation within the web3 landscape.

Dress Code A.I.Elevating eCommerce with 3D Scanning and Personalization

Dress Code A.I. revolutionizes eCommerce by utilizing 3D scanning and personal recommendations to enhance customer experiences and boost sales.

Katmai TechCloud-Based 3D Video Conferencing Platform


Katmai Tech presents a cloud-based 3D video conferencing platform, redefining virtual meetings and interactions with immersive technology.

PaiksaehyunFusing Art and Media in the 3D Space

Paiksaehyun blends art and media within the 3D realm, unleashing creative potential and pushing the boundaries of visual expression.

Autimely, IncRevolutionizing Dealerships for the New Generation


Autimely, Inc disrupts traditional dealerships by introducing innovative 3D technology solutions tailored for a new era of consumers.

Manan AIAI and Web3 Converge for a Vocal Metaverse


Manan AI harnesses the power of AI and Web3 to craft voiceprints for metaverse experiences, dApps, games, and digital identities.

Abound LabsCapturing, Editing, and Sharing 3D Content with Ease

Abound Labs launches Metascan, an app that simplifies the process of capturing, editing, and sharing 3D content, facilitating creative expression.

voorReshaping Fashion Brands with Virtual Merchandising


voor revolutionizes fashion with SaaS virtual merchandising showrooms, introducing synchronicity, agility, and sustainability to the industry.

Animation FarmCultivating Engaging Video Content in 3D


Animation Farm emerges as an animation studio dedicated to crafting captivating video content that harnesses the power of 3D technology.

These 15 startups are at the forefront of a 3D revolution in New York City, breathing life into industries ranging from art to real estate, fashion to conferencing. As pixels transcend dimensions and AI reshapes visual experiences, these companies are driving innovation and transforming our interactions with the digital world. Welcome to the future of 3D technology, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation is boundless.

Written by Mobb

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